KAWA – Cool Bathroom Items by Karim Rashid

If you are looking for a new bathroom design, sexy and elegant try the work of  designer Karim Rashid, with a futuristic shape and color combination that will create a different atmosphere in your bathroom. He has a different approach on bathroom design and creates modern items like the bathtubs and sinks that you can see in these pictures. These matching sinks and bath in black are very elegant and are perfect for a modern bathroom, especially for a masculine one. But how about the feminine version of a bathroom in his vision?

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KAWA - Sexy Bathroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

The combination of electric pink and white tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom is absolutely amazing. If you add a carpet in the same colour (pink) you have the perfect girl’s bedroom. Not to mention the fact that the bathtub and sink have rounded edges that are also suggesting the feminine touch. Complete the whole picture with a round mirror and the result will be great. As you can see, both bathroom designs are very simple, yet very young and lively, suggesting energy and features that are specific for each sex.