Modern Kitchen Island Ideas That Reinvent A Classic

The island is often the central feature in a kitchen. Other configurations place the island between the kitchen and an adjacent space such as the living or the dining area. But there’s more to it than just that. There are many interesting kitchen island ideas that reveal just how practical and multifunctional this piece of furniture can really be. Some designs include a kitchen island table which can either be an extension of the counter or an addition to the main unit. Whatever the case may be, we’ll get to see just how stylish and functional modern kitchen islands can be.

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Designs that give kitchen islands a table extension are very common and can take many different forms. Some table extensions are small and can comfortably sit two or three people, serving mostly as a breakfast table.

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Certain designs naturally incorporate a table or a bar into the kitchen island without making it look like an extension. This one, for example, makes it clear that the bar portion has a distinct function by placing it on a different level and giving it a different finish and color.

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When the kitchen and the dining area are adjacent spaces on an open floor plan, the island can put the two functions together and create a seamless transition between them, ensuring a cohesive and fluid decor and ambiance throughout.

Live edge wood and inox bar stools

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This kitchen island, instead of featuring an extension on one side or on a raised level, has a raw edge wood shelf that surrounds and frames it an three sides. This platform can be used for storage or in other ways.

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The table extension is not necessarily a must-have for a kitchen island, although it usually enhances its design and functionality. Even a very small portion such as in this case gives the island a stand-out look and makes it more practical.

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In some cases, the kitchen island can come in the continuation of the counter. As a result, the island itself becomes an extension of the counter. It can incorporate storage compartments and spaces, although a simple design approach is usually more appreciated.

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Depending on the layout and the available space, the kitchen island can extend into a table or a bar to the side or in directly in front. Side extensions are practical when the the space is long and narrow and the alternative would interfere with its accessibility.

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A large enough kitchen can incorporate a dining table without sacrificing a crucial portion of its floor space. In fact, some islands double as dining tables and this makes them particularly space-efficient.

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The table extension on a kitchen island can either be slightly higher than the island counter or lower, depending on whether you wait it to be a dining table or a bar. It can also either match the counter or contrast with it.

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If the layout and the room allow it, an L-shaped table extension can turn out to be the perfect option in some cases. This way the two functions don’t interfere with each other and can be used separately and simultaneously.

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Modern kitchen islands are often designed to naturally fit into the room and its interior design. They match or complement the cabinetry or storage units and come as an accessory or an accent piece designed to complete the space.

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This design and the one featured above share the same design and strategy. They’re built into the cabinet unit and extend from between the storage compartments. As you can see, the island can either incorporate features such as a sink and a stove top or can simply be used as a counter space.

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There’s no need for a kitchen island to be very big in order to combine multiple functions or to offers more than just a counter prep space. Even small versions such as this one can incorporate practical storage and can double as a bar or breakfast table.

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For increased space-efficiency, a kitchen island can incorporate a table or bar extension in its design without it having to occupy floor space all the time. Some designs feature pull-out or fold-up extensions.

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Modern kitchens are usually defined by minimalism and clean and sleek lines. But if you want your kitchen to feel a bit more warm and inviting, consider an island with a more traditional or rustic design such as this one.

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Marble is a common material for kitchen islands, regardless of their style. Different types of marble have different colors and vein patterns but they all share in common a unique look and a refined and elegant design.

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Black may not be a common color for most kitchen but this doesn’t make it a bad choice. A black island can definitely add a chic and sophisticated touch to the whole kitchen decor, offering the space a dramatic appeal.

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Bar extensions on kitchen islands don’t always follow a pattern. Sometimes they take sculptural forms while other times they’re just simple shelves attached to the front of a kitchen island.

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The whole kitchen island can double as a bar and this doesn’t interfere with its ability to also function as a prep space and cooking area in case it also has a built in stove top, sink or other appliances and amenities.

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When the island’s countertop and the table extending from it are made from  different materials or have different finishes and colors, the point where these two meet becomes a focal point for this unit’s design and sometimes it’s nice to take advantage of that.

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A kitchen island that matches the room’s decor and the rest of the furniture blends in in a natural way, more so if it has a custom design that interacts with the wall units and other elements present in the room.

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This kitchen island features a low glass partition designed to separate the prep area and cooking zone from the bar section. The partition also serves as a sort of backsplash for the sink and stove top on the other side of it.

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Although there are a few rare types of marble which are considered luxurious and are very expensive, this is generally a very affordable option, this being one of the reasons why it’s so widely used in kitchens.

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Each kitchen island has its own particularities and special characteristics, whether it’s a sleek and sculptural design or a table extension that stands out and contrasts with the rest of the unit. The elements used to accessorize the island have their own role.

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The combination of woof and metal makes this kitchen island a really nice option for industrial-style interior or for a modern space that likes to play with contrasts and to explore the beauty of different materials and combinations.

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Although this isn’t technically an island, it offers an interesting design option. The integration or a bar section into the counter of the kitchen unit itself is unconventional and out of the box but also clever and inspiring.

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There has to be a good relationship between the kitchen island, the bar or table that extends from it and the chairs or bar stools that complement it. In fact, a lot of islands owe their uniqueness and charm to the small accent details that complete their designs.

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As it turns out, a kitchen island with a more traditional or rustic design can make a contemporary or industrial kitchen feel more inviting and more like a social space than a utilitarian room.

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Each kitchen island is unique and deals with storage and seating in its own way. Each island also incorporates accent features in its design in its own way, whether we’re talking about a table that extends to the side, a hidden storage compartment, a built-in appliance or something else.

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A built-in island makes it easier to organize and distribute all the appliances throughout the kitchen. For example, the island can be the main cooking station while the sink and everything else are integrated in a different area of the room.

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Filling the kitchen with furniture is not the best strategy when the floor space is limited. But when the room is big enough, there’s enough space for an island, a bar or table extension and lots of storage.

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Opt for black if you want the kitchen island to look simple and to have an elegant and refined design. Black is also a great color for the island if you want it to contrast with a light-colored wall unit or to look sleek and small.

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Use a small island extension to divide the counter space and the whole kitchen into two sections. If you also want the space to remain flexible, than make the island fold down or disappear under the counter when it’s not needed.